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Powerful and innovative enterprise collaboration platform
developed on Microsoft® Sharepoint®

Empowering workforce has never been so... social!

Improves your internal collaboration, enables sales and salesforce uniformity, provides knowledge management tool, increases productivity. All that... while employees have fun at work!

Internal portals: what’s missing?

Internal portals typically have one thing in common: employees have dislike using them. We agree that work can’t always be fun, but productivity directly depends on the level of employee engagement in the whole process. Thanks to consumer services and devices like Facebook, Gmail, iPhone - your employees now know that IT doesn’t have to be hard to use. It is clear that there is a missing link between internal enterprise processes and an easy human interaction with them.

Unleashing the power of social

In enterprise collaboration, BrainPower is addressing this “missing link” problem by engaging and empowering employees - instead of forcing them to use it. They can connect to each other, while collecting BrainPower points which can bring them awards or recognition.

Communities and Collaboration come alive

With years of experience in creating communities and energizing collaboration within enterprise, we offer consulting and packaged customization that goes beyond branding and choice of features. With careful planning and execution, your employees will get a purpose for networking, participating and contributing, while having their activities aligned with your company’s goals and overall strategy.