At New Frontier Group, we continually analyze the needs of our clients and think ahead to develop solutions for the future.

Searching for ways to create real tangible business value based on IT solutions, we realized that these fall into two categories:

  • Supporting our clients' regular operations by enabling standard business processes to be run with continuous improvement of cost effectiveness.

  • Helping to create new business opportunities for our clients: new products, addressing new markets or new market segments; introducing new or redesigned business models.

To handle both of these types of activity effectively, we have created a hybrid organizational structure with two different kinds of units. On the one hand, we have mature and reliable support units who can look after standard business processes of our clients.

On the other, we have created separate startup units whose mission is to work out groundbreaking new solutions. They are free to innovate and test new ideas.

In this way, we can maintain areas in which gradual and mishap-free development is paramount, as well as other fields where bigger steps into new technologies are called for. We know that innovation doesn’t end with an idea, but with a well functioning implementation:


We use different sources and programs in order to initiate and speed up the process of idea creation, selection and development. In 2011, we were running the following programs:

Internal NFG Innovation Program

In our internal innovation program, we encourage individual employees and teams to send ideas and create solutions that will bring value to our clients. Best solutions are rewarded and implemented.

Most of the solutions are created in collaboration with our clients and- /or partners. The winning solutions from the last three years have already been implemented at customer sites and are proving their value on a daily basis. There were 30 entries in the 2010 internal innovation program.

External Innovation Program

Our external innovation program is a socially responsible entrepreneurship program that supports employment, especially for young people, and it is supporting small companies with good ideas. In 2010, we carried out an external innovation program in Hungary.

The goal was to promote and reward innovations in three areas: SW, web and mobile solutions. For the chosen companies we are providing partnerships that include an independent review of the idea/product/solution, support for further development of the solution, financial support, legal and administrative support, entrepreneurship development and support, business planning and infrastructure and technical specialist support.

An important extra point is that we are arranging feedback from NFG clients on the entries. We had 16 applications and now we are discussing with the winners what kind of support they need.

Internal Development

Our own development departments are a great example of creating unique value by working for and with our clients in order to address their special needs.

Here are some examples:

XAPT’s Caterpillar dealer management system based on a Microsoft Dynamics AX Solution. Daniel Enekes, Zoltan Schvarcz and the XAPT team developed a complete system in cooperation with Caterpillar dealers, especially with Kelly Tractors from Miami, FLA.

SAGA’s iBanking solution created by the SAGA development team in collaboration with some of the banks in Serbia.

This solution was a product of development at the group level and is an internal collaboration system. It improves collaboration and enables use of collective intelligence in our group in many areas such as: sharing knowledge and expertise, and collaborating on projects and innovation. In 2010, we used BrainPower as the platform for our internal innovation program. We will continue developing and expanding BrainPower in the future and encourage use of collaboration.

In M&A activities, we are constantly searching for potential new members of the group in order to expand our geographical coverage, to bring new competencies to the group, or to bring in new innovative solutions. We look at companies that already have proven solutions and also at startups.